About Me

Vivek Naik is a continuous improvement expert, coach and consultant with demonstrated results in operational improvement, lead-time reduction, quality improvement, cost reduction and customer satisfaction improvement.

He implements systems for performance tracking and data-driven decision making. This has helped him lead several successful change management projects where he established sustainable improvements driven by the transformation of the culture, people, process and technology.

He has acted as a trusted advisor to business owners, CEOs and Senior Managers, consulting on matters ranging from product development, vendor management, materials sourcing, quality assurance, technology selection to implementation of the process improvement strategy.

Vivek brings a unique perspective to every project he works on. With over 16 years in lean and process improvement experience in manufacturing, construction, consumer packaged goods, automotive and service industries in North America and Asia he is well versed in the challenges faced by fast-growing businesses.

Vivek is also uniquely qualified to help fast-growing small/medium-sized companies. With his diverse experience in creating new processes and helping business owners connect their growth strategies with day-to-day operations. He has implemented methods and tools for small businesses, that are usually only available to large corporates; helping business owners to preserve capital, de-risk their growth and handle operational challenges.

Vivek Naik

” The first rule of lean growth is to be effective and then and only then work towards improving efficiency. Pursing efficiency without being effective will lead to chasing wrong business goals”